Ranking for expertise: Nailing Google’s EEAT factors

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Google's EEAT

How to ranking for expertise by nailing Google’s EEAT factors.

You sharpened your SEO skills.

Your website looks slick and loads fast.

But your Google search ranking still lies flat while competitors jet to the top.

What gives?

Beyond basic website optimisation, Google cares about authority and trust.

Enter “EEAT” — Google’s term for ranking factors related to Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

EEAT separates the leader from the rookies.

So let’s get you ranked as an expert!

Flaunt Your Expertise

Don’t be shy about your skills and achievements. Sprinkle your About Us page and services descriptions with evidence of expertise like credentials, awards, press mentions, and client results.

For example, “Our founder, Sally Bigwig, holds a PhD in Treehouse Architecture and a certificate in Squirrel Whispering from the University of Nutsburg.” Specific, relevant details build authority.

Link Internally to Your Best Content

Point visitors to your superstar content by linking relevant pages together. For example, your blog post on “10 Tips for Building Treehouses” can link internally to services related to treehouse construction. This shows Google you have in-depth, interconnected expertise.

Cite External Sources

Research from respected institutions and quotes from recognized leaders demonstrate you know your stuff. Embed quality external links where relevant. Just don’t overdo it — prioritise sharing your own expertise over others’ opinions.

Play Well With Others

Does your industry have trade organisations or expert groups?

Get involved!

Speaking at events, guest posting on peer websites, and engaging on professional forums infuses your site with community authority.

Curate Content Carefully

Avoid rehashing basic info — that shows shallow expertise. Instead, offer novel insights and actionable advice. Google will see you push the industry forward, not merely regurgitate.

Guest posts also boost EEAT, so recruit experts to contribute unique perspectives.

With a thoughtful expertise-driven content strategy, your website will soon rank for authority.

Stay patient, persistent, and focused on deepening your credibility.

The leaders will welcome you into their ranks soon enough!

So this is how you are ranking for expertise: Nailing Google’s EEAT factors


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